Stock markets go up and down. We all have to deal with opposites—profit and loss, pleasure and pain, health and sickness, and so on. Even a heartbeat is not a straight line. If it is straight, we are dead. Yet we have to maintain the straight line of equanimity to experience God. A sick person has to become healthy to experience the medicine of God. Instead, God should come first, then equanimity is easy. That is why devotion of God is needed to have equanimity, which leads to experiencing God. Now that you have permanent equanimity and have experienced God, what is next? No one talks about that. My spiritual Master told me that the longing for equanimity and the wish to see God is in every aspirant’s heart. Even though saints get it, they choose to forget and go back to being seekers. The bottom line is: We live in turmoil. We try to balance the mind by longing for God. We get everything and go back and do it all over again. That is the crazy truth about spirituality. — Satish Daryanani