Planning a small event for a few hundred people takes a lot of time and energy. No matter how well you plan things, there will be people who will still be unhappy. Their rooms may not be ready. The food may not be to their liking. They may have to wait for transportation. Many lose their voices and get stressed. They have sleepless nights and get exhausted for no reason. Imagine the Event Co-ordinator planning for 8 billion people and the infinite other creations, trying to coordinate everything perfectly for a lifetime and not just for a few days. So, sometimes, if we have to wait in line and things do not go our way, keep in mind that the one Co-ordinator is doing His best. Only if you have been in charge of an event, will your appreciation for the big Event Co-ordinator increase. Your tolerance for petty glitches in life will increase. This ultimate Event Co-ordinator does not charge any fees, yet all He gets are complaints and demands for services. So, let us all enjoy this 80-year party for which we have come. Just thank the Event Co-ordinator for choosing us. — Satish Daryanani