When we go to sleep we die. We become nobody, unaware of anything. When we wake up from deep sleep, it takes a few seconds to realize who we are. If we travel a lot, it takes a few seconds to realize where we are. People know their birthdates from their birth certificates, but the real birth, which only a few people experience, takes place when they truly awaken. It can happen only once in a lifetime. It cannot take place daily. This moment cannot be shared with anyone. Only the spiritual Master and you know about it. No cake is cut, nor candles are blown. You do not need the light of the candle. The inner light glows permanently. This is the best birthday gift of your life. It is a combination of austerity, desires, and, above all, grace. Birthdates on the birth certificates come and go. They remind you of the limited time you have in this physical form. Either you work on your real birthday or spend it in gratitude helping others to find their true birthday. So, get up every morning and wish yourself a happy birthday. The gift of one more day is given to find the real treasure of your birth. — Satish Daryanani