We have to pay the airlines for the extra weight in our bags when we travel, so we try our best to distribute the weight among our bags so that we do not have to pay the fees. It is good that the airlines do not charge fees for the excess weight of the passengers or I would have to pay fees on every flight. We overindulge in food and are overweight. We buy and possess more than we need, and so we have to pay the airlines fees and also own storage rooms to keep all our extras. We are going to leave all this weight behind, yet we want to own more and more. If something is not used for four years or more, it should be donated or thrown away. We won’t miss it. I love the United States Tax department. After seven years, we can get rid of all our paperwork. Shouldn’t we do the same in our lives? The excessive fear, grudges, insecurities, the losses we had, the sorrow of losing a loved one—all the burdens we bear should be deleted after seven years. Neither the government nor we need them. Then, when we travel on our ultimate journey, there will be no fees to pay, as we are not carrying any load from this life or our previous ones. Just a roll-away bag and your favorite pillow in it will help you sleep well.— Satish Daryanani


Carousels of baggage