We travel all over the world and look for the best exchange rate. If our nation’s currency is strong, we get happy, we get more for our money. Where can we find the best rate so we do not go have to go through the ups and downs of the exchange rates and can lock it in for life? Talking about the Masters’ teachings is my currency. Wherever I am, in whichever country I travel, I get the same exchange rate. The look of wonder on people’s faces—no matter what nationality, religion, or belief in God they have, all respond in the same manner. At first, all do not see life from that angle. All laugh and think I am crazy. All, suddenly, then have the thirst for more and they take information down to learn more. Now, we are all one and have the same longing for truth. There are no borders. My International exchange rate is fixed for life. — Satish Daryanani

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