As I get older, I find myself carrying more stuff during my travels—vitamins, pillow, sugar, chili powder, retainers for my teeth, and other items that I have gotten used to. When I was young, I would travel with just a backpack and could sleep anywhere and eat anything. As we live longer lives, our desires, attachments, possessions, name, and fame have to be carried over a real long journey. They will not fit in suitcases. Containers will be needed to be shipped for the big journey ahead. When we leave our bodies, we are not leaving behind who we are. That crazy person is still there and requires all the things that he has gotten used to. For the biggest journey of my life, I will not need a passport, iPad, iPhone, chargers, or credit cards. No backpack will be needed. I know that all that I need will be provided for. The love of my life is awaiting me, so it is His problem. All I know is that if I am with Him all the stupid things I carried on my trips will never be needed. Satish Daryanani