A person can be spiritual in the morning and very competitive and calculating in the afternoon. In the movie, “The Joker,” a person who wants to make people laugh is pushed by others to become a villain. Similarly, a lioness can hold her cub gently in her mouth and can, with the same jaw, take the life of a prey. We are all built with extremes. Situations and the desire to control them can bring out the best or the worst in everyone. Grace can help bring the best out of you. You see it with ordinary people who go to war. Some end up becoming violent their whole lives. The world can get to us. A person who wants to be always helpful to others can be heartless after being battered by others. The same soft compassionate heart can become hard as granite. There is a breaking point in everyone. This can change the direction of your life. You give into the world or be firm in who you are. We should not judge others by the way they behave, as we do not know what they must have gone through or are still going through. Everyone is a saint, only situations change them. Grace can help bring the best out of you.— Satish Daryanani