This world is not made to be lived only in a desert or a rainforest. That is why more people live in places that are moderate. We are not supposed to go crazy and get consumed by the world or go to the other extreme and not enjoy any worldly stuff. To be called a moderate is a compliment, as you are able to live a well balanced life. We have limited time in this human form so enjoy everything that life gives you without becoming a slave to anything. There are people who only work, only play hard, only pray to God, only exercise, or eat either fatty foods or tasteless healthy food. A well rounded life, not a well rounded body, makes life fun. We can enjoy all the colors of the spectrum and not forget that it is also colorless. We spend time to build our legacies, and my legacy will be to live life to the fullest. Enjoy the seven deadly sins covered with the icing of deep spiritual understanding. Satish Daryanani