Our minds can go from one extreme to another. We can binge-eat during Fat Tuesday and fast during Lent to lose weight. We either become alcoholic or give up alcohol completely, be spiritually minded or an atheist—the same person can do both. Unfortunately, I, too, am the same. I was a staunch non-vegetarian and then switched to being a complete vegetarian in a split second. I can either be a retired bum or a workaholic. Moderation is not my strength. This shows we do not have control of our minds. So, how do we bring balance? The irony is that only with extremes can one bring balance in life. You have to completely refrain from things that enslave you. Each one of us has to find our Achilles heel. When we are free from all that binds us, only then can we again enjoy it in moderation. I gave up alcohol for 13 years and now can drink without losing control of my mind, I drink just for the taste, and not the buzz. Mastering our minds does not mean not enjoying life. It means enjoy everything in moderation, free from becoming the slave of anyone and anything. This even includes being free from the slavery of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. If you miss a day or two, you should not get upset. Real spirituality is being free from spirituality itself. — Satish Daryanani

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