We fall down and sometimes get hurt. Out of embarrassment, we try to not show our pain to the world. People help us up, and we smile and thank them. We get bruised and have pain, yet we act as if we feel nothing and we cover up our mishaps. In life, too, we fall in difficult situations and we cannot show our pain to the world. We cover our pain with fake smiles and tell others that things are okay. God knows our pain, yet we do not confess it even to Him. And there also are those who fall down but do not think of the pain. They, instead, learn from the falls and do not repeat them. They are the ones who benefit. While you are young, fall physically as well as in difficult situations. You will recover faster. When you get older, you will not have to suffer as much. You will be more careful. Your bones will not break and you will not get a heart attack when people and difficult situations let you down.—Satish Daryanani

Silhouette of falling man in a suit