Today the world celebrates Father’s Day. Only the mother knows who is the real father. In today’s world, many children are raised by single mothers. Having a father around as a role model helps the child. I know of children who are afraid of their fathers and lie to them out of fear. When they grow up, lying becomes a part of their lives. With many fathers who smoke or drink heavily, the children end up living the same way. With fathers who only think of money and who are misers, the children end up the same way. My father loved food, traveling, being around spiritual Masters, paying his bills on time, having a belly laugh, and living a simple life. I was fortunate to pick up many of his qualities. He also had a temper, which is also in me. He would get up every day between 4:00 am and 4.30 am and sit in silence. I, unfortunately, did not pick up this gift. My father never sat and taught me things; we pick up everything just by the way our parents live. Mothers spend more time teaching children. My physical father introduced me to other fathers in my life. They are my spiritual Masters. They took over and spent time teaching me. Today, I thank the Lord for all my fathers who spent their time and energy on this crazy boy. I am what I am because they all loved me. — Satish Daryanani