The power companies in California have faulty wiring. High winds, which can cause sparks in the power lines, can set fires. People who have blocked arteries can end up with heart attacks. Many places remove wax from our ears so we do not end up with a faulty connection when listening. The misery of humanity comes due a faulty connection with the Lord. This is why spiritual Masters are needed. When they tell a story, we should get lost in it. When they describe their experiences, we should feel their experiences. When they are in the depths of peace, we, too, should be enjoying the peace. When they give us a glance, we should be receptive to the grace that comes from them. Then we do not need to touch their feet and seek blessings. The middle man, whom we call Master, gets us a direct connection with God. His purpose is over. Now you can listen to God with a direct connection. Digest the information, implement it, experience it, and later transmit it to everyone. It is our faulty connection with the Lord that creates all the fires in our lives. — Satish Daryanani

electric fires on hillside