In our jobs or business, we get very busy and tired. On the other hand, if there are no customers or no work, we get bored. We either get a rain-forest or a desert. In both cases, people complain. This is the reason why God does not get bored. He will always have customers complaining to Him. Feast and famine is our life. When we are young we overwork. When we are retired we get bored. If you are depending on this world to get a perfect balance all the time, you will be disappointed. When the feast comes you should thank God for the bounty coming to you even though you are tired. When there is famine, spend time in rejuvenating your body. Also, you get more time for silence. Extremes are our life. Balance is in our minds and in our attitude. Enjoy this roller coaster ride of life. – Satish Daryanani