If you take a sleeping pill at bedtime, you will wake up the next morning feeling groggy. The pill still has its effect on your body although you are awake. Everyone who wakes up from this deep sleep initially goes through this experience, awake but still sleepy, wise but still ignorant, divine but still attached to the human form, peaceful yet concerned about many issues. It is called the twilight of spiritual evolution, neither here nor there, understanding the real essence of the teachings but not totally accepting them. It is the worst kind of feeling being sleepy yet still awake. In this haze, you can see the sunshine through the clouds. Your divine guidance and the mind cause confusion about which direction to focus on. This is a positive sign that you are on the right track. The spiritual Masters have not wasted their time on you. Now comes your inner willpower to push you and wake you from this grogginess. It is like a built-in coffee machine — it gives you the caffeine to completely wake up and overcome the heavy head of a long sleep. Only when the grogginess and haze are removed will there be the smile of sunshine on your face. So, fight the grog and enjoy the chirpiness of being completely awake. — Satish Daryanani

Sun behind clouds over Miami Beach