When we meet new people at a gathering, we try to find common ground on topics we discuss. Even for the Brexit deal to be successful, there has to be common ground. When talking on spirituality, you must know when and where to discuss it. The capacity to understand and digest must be there. Otherwise, you are forcing your issues on others. When you spend time in silence with the Lord or talking with spiritual Masters, it is the same thing. The conversation is based on your capacity to understand and that it does not have to become argumentative. The more open you are, the more the knowledge is passed to you. The common ground is your deep yearning to learn. How much you want to gain is how much will somehow come to you. The correct person will be connected to quench your inner thirst. If you only want the common ground to be about money, sports, movies, or jokes, then that is all you will get. God and the Masters are smart. They know what interests you. They do not want to lose a friend. So, it is all up to you. Choose the topic that brings the best out of God and Masters. Let them pause and think before answering your questions. Let them earn the status of being God or a Master. Make them speechless in your discussion. That is the fun of life. — Satish Daryanani