When a patient is comatose, doctors have to perform a lot of tests to figure out the cause. Once they diagnose the problem, with the correct remedies, the patient gets healed. We, too, have to find the one thing that is holding us back from enjoying life completely. For some, it is negative attitude. Some live in fear, or with constant guilt. Once you find the one thing that controls your life, slowly, you can self-medicate and free yourself from the coma in which we all are. Feeling that I was responsible for all my profits and losses took a burden on me. That was holding me back. Now, knowing that I am but a secretary, and not the owner of my life, has brought me out of my coma. Vegetating in the same state of mind is no better than being in a physical coma. The same person, with the same attitude, going nowhere and complaining that business is bad, does not change anything. It is not that business is bad, it is the state of mind that is bad. So, life becomes bad. Everyone is a psychiatrist and the patient at the same time. If someone else points out to you your Achilles heel, you will get defensive and reject all advice. Only you can find the remedy and cure yourself, and then, everyone will enjoy this renovated, energetic, dynamic, positive-minded, and jovial person. Then, others will come to this self-made doctor for advice. — Satish Daryanani

Intensive care unit bed and patient