One of the most annoying sounds is that of a fire alarm, especially if there is no fire. You feel like cutting the wire and do not even care if a fire really takes place. We all have that problem in life. Our bodies have built-in alarms—aches and pains. When the alarm of anxiety, or depression, goes off, we do not analyze the system. We cut the wire with pain killers without ever fixing the cause of the alarm. Even when our heads hurt, we take tablets without working on the cause of the headache. The fire within is continuously burning with so many alarms blaring that we never put out the fire completely. Then it is too late and we end up with heart attacks or nervous breakdowns. Some even commit suicide. If a tummy ache is the fire alarm, we should go on a light, liquid diet. Think of the fire alarm as your best friend, to warn you that you have to work on your inner fire. — Satish Daryanani