Many years ago, I had a retail store. My store was the first store that every tourist had to pass by. No matter what I did or what price I gave, customers wanted to look and compare it with other stores. Even if I offered them one-tenth of my raw cost, they still would not buy. I wondered: If I gave them God, would they still want to look around and compare, looking for a better God? If these people went to Heaven, they may still want to check out Hell to see if that was better. We do not accept as best that which comes to us first until we look and compare all the options. Even if our dream house comes to us within our price range, we will still want to shop around. People even shop around to find the perfect Master. They keep changing religions to fill the void within. When we start developing faith and follow our instincts, we will know right away what is good for us. There will be no need to shop around or waste time on Google. Once, we had to paint all the buildings of an organization. Out of 30 colors, we narrowed down the choices to three: White, so they will refuse, as it gets dirty easily; Barn Red, so it would be rejected right away; and a perfect neutral color that they should have picked immediately. Yet, it took me months to get approval. Imagine, if we gave the organization all the 30 colors to pick from, it would take a lifetime to get approval. We overthink and get nothing done. The Lord knows what is good for you and sends it right away. When anything comes easily, we think something is wrong. What is the catch? The catch is that the Lord loves us and does not want us to waste our precious moments searching when what we are looking for is right under our nose. — Satish Daryanani