There are five categories that determine your future. Grace, strength and weakness, attachment and desire, spirituality, and service. Grace cannot be explained. Your strengths and weaknesses are with you. We work on them in every birth we take. Sometimes we go forward and sometimes backward on the path of our growth. Our desires and attachments can help set us free from the cycle of birth and death. This is when spirituality gives us the understanding and strength to become completely free. Those who decide to come back in the human form to serve take a risk, as they can always get caught up in the web of illusion. So, to those fortunate souls who can be free in this lifetime, move on. There is no guarantee that the perfect balance of the five categories may be aligned again for you. Have faith in the forces of nature that the world will still be perfect if you decide not to be reborn. You can always keep sending your blessings. — Satish Daryanani