When I was younger, I achieved the rank of second-degree black belt in Tae-kwon-do. My body was very flexible, but now I laugh at myself for losing my flexibility. You realize you are out of shape when you need go to the gym to work on your flexibility. And after the classes finish, you feel light, as if you have lost 200 pounds and have no body. Flexibility of the physical body requires effort. Flexibility of the mind requires you to let go of all the wrong notions you have. Similarly those who are flexible in their minds feel as if they are nobodies. You do not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and you feel like you are floating on clouds. Those who are stuck in their ways cannot benefit from the wisdom that comes from the realized souls. Real flexibility of the mind takes you to a state where you get an out-of-body experience. First, there is no body, then there is no mind. A flexible person also benefits from opportunities that come in life. You are not rigid in your thinking and welcome new ideas and new opportunities. So, start by being flexible like you were when you were a baby. Then let your mind be like that of a baby. You will have a carefree and worry-free life, just laughing, smiling and playing with the toys of life.— Satish Daryanani