Sometimes the ocean is so calm it is looks like a lake. The temperature is perfect. You can float and wish that this experience would never end. We do not have the weight load of our bodies and nobody is around us. We are at peace. This is what a baby enjoys in its mother’s womb. Then the doctor pulls the baby out and brings it into the asylum. The baby comes out crying. Every time someone brings you out of that experience, you, too, should cry, “You want me to come back to the world?” It is the greatest joy of my life when people ask, “What do I have to do? What holy name should I repeat? How do I focus?” They want blessings. I tell them, “Go back to the original state that you were enjoying. Ask me questions the other way around: How do I deal with the stupid world while I am supposed to enjoy floating on water?”—Satish Daryanani

woman floating in water