I love the various colors and fragrances of flowers. The flower is not aware of its beauty or fragrance. It may be in a forest where no one may enjoy it or in a garden where everyone appreciates it. It is not afraid of catching the coronavirus if someone comes close to it without a mask. Even when it is separated from its stem, it still serves in spite of knowing its days are limited. That is why one of my spiritual Masters only accepted artificial flowers—out of compassion. I do not posses the qualities of a flower now, but I pray in my final days to have the fragrance of having imbibed the teachings. The vivid colors of a flower can be seen in you when you pour unconditional love and are living in eternal peace. You are sitting in a vase where everyone is enjoying your final days. Flowers teach us how to serve. Service is taking place through them without the awareness of it is taking place.Satish Daryanani