There is a magazine called “Food and Travel.” When we travel, food becomes a big part of it. We want to taste different food and enjoy the local delicacies. Yet, people want to go to the same McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. When we travel, we must forget the things that confine us. We must get new experiences, otherwise we are just taking our home with us. Do not compare what you have on your trip. If the vacation is not as good as where you live, at least you will learn to appreciate what you have. I know of a person who loves his wife’s home cooking so much that, wherever he travels, he is unhappy. His wife should pack her cooked food when they travel. Traveling is an adventure, to discover new tastes for all your senses. We are all travelers coming in this human form for an 80-year vacation. Make the most out of the new things you learn. I think travel and food are part of our lives. Trying to be a skeleton by being on a permanent diet does not make travel fun. Eat and taste in moderation but do not miss out on the variety of life. When I travel, my appreciation for God increases, seeing the details of all the variety in this world. How much free time He must have on His have on His hands to come up with all that we enjoy. — Satish Daryanani