When you fall sick, you have time to analyze all the wrong foods you have eaten and, along with that, all the thoughts you have had that made your immune system weak. If you had self-control, you would not suffer so much. Now, neither the food nor the thoughts have any value. The only valuable thing is good health. Similarly, when we get old and our bodies do not corporate with us, we spend time thinking of the irrelevant stuff on which we wasted our time. We waste our youth and good health planning for our future so that when we get old we have everything. You may have everything but not health. If you cannot find peace, joy, and happiness when you are young and healthy, you cannot get it when you become old and unhealthy. If you did not serve in your youth, you cannot do it in old age. You form friends and relationships when you are young so they are with you later. All your weaknesses and bad habits only get magnified when you are sick. Sickness, while you are young and healthy, becomes an opportunity for self examination. How much extra are we eating or talking when we are healthy? So this blessing of sickness is having it show you the valuable things in your life. — Satish Daryanani