We read these thoughts only if they benefit us. We pray, do service, work hard, stay in shape, and meditate if we gain benefit from doing so. Every act in our lives is for us. If you want to be a liberated soul or want to keep coming back to have new experiences in the human form, it is up to you. God is smart—He gave us this pasture called Earth, gave us the freedom to move around where we like and graze as we choose. Joy and depression are up to us. Watching a comedy, or a horror film, is up to us,. Which website to visit is up to us. Even with all this freedom, we feel tied down and sometimes blame God or others. If you graze on thorns in a pasture, they will prick you. My spiritual Master used to say, “Do nothing that will disturb your peace.” You are doing everything for yourself so you become more selfish. Is there a better gift than that? — Satish Daryanani