The movie, “The Last Vermeer,” shows the life of a great art forger. He fooled the best experts. Being a great painter is of no use unless art critics validate your work. So the painter ended up becoming a forger. In life, talent alone does not guarantee success. In spirituality, I, too, was considered a forger, as I spoke of the teachings without experiencing them. If I am talking about vegetarianism and eat non-vegetarian food, no one will listen. Many great authors and speakers of spirituality have not reached the stage where they have experienced the wisdom they are trying to spread. How do we find the real artists in life? They are the true spiritual Masters who seek nothing from you. They are the ones who live the teachings that flow from divine grace and show the humility that comes from being the recipients of the truth. They are very few and, if you do come across the real Vermeer of spirituality, hold on to them as they are the only guides who can take lost souls towards realization. May God bless the true seekers to find these enlightened beings.— Satish Daryanani