Lately, I have had a lot of free time and have been watching the teachings of spiritual Masters on YouTube. I had fun seeing each Master trying to put their experiences into words. All they can do is write books, travel all over the world giving discourses, or post videos online. I guess once you have everything, you only have these three options: enjoy the gift you have, thank the One you gave you the gift and, help spread the gift, as it helps reduce the guilt of being the recipient of these gifts. So what is more fun in life, “trying to just be a recipient of the gift or actually indulging in the gift? Being both is fun—the aspirant who longs for the grace of this priceless gift and the one who carries the burden of giving it to others. One is a student and the other, a teacher. I personally only love seeking—it’s a thirst that can never be satisfied. So you will see me watching YouTube but not being on YouTube. — Satish Daryanani