When challenging times come, we find out who are our true friends. This Corona festival was created by God to show us our friends vs. acquaintances. Slowly, you see that God is your best friend and sends angels to help you. The bonds of friendship that are forged now will be everlasting. It is not the number of friends we have, but the quality of friends: those who have faith in us vs. those who are just friends during good times. We take the word “friend” very lightly, like we use the word “love” in everything. Friendship and love come only with sacrifice. Who is willing to sacrifice to use these words truly? Even to make God your friend is not easy. You will wish many times to break this relationship, as it comes at a high price. Before you make anyone a friend, think twice, as you are stuck with each other, no matter what life brings you. — Satish Daryanani