When Jeff Bezos started Amazon, he would go to the post office himself to mail books. Now, he is the richest man in the world. We start by sitting in silence for five minutes a day and can become spiritual masters. Starting small can lead to something big. Most people want success instantly. Your austerities should be simple and small, like the repetition of a holy chant. That takes you to where there are no words. Studying in school, one subject and grade at a time, can make you a great scientist. Evolution takes place slowly. Your own growth does not happen overnight. Just wanting an instant blessing to become a realized soul, a great athlete, or a multi millionaire, is not what you are here for. The truth is that, in every field of life, it is the baby steps that can make you run one day. This society, which has instant coffee, frozen foods, and Instagram, is causing us to want everything instantly. A reply to an email or WhatsApp, we want right now. Even God has to reveal everything to you instantly. From every bit of your life’s experience comes the successful journey of your human form. Starting small does not mean you are not thinking big. Big things happen because you start doing something small. Just talking and thinking big is of no use. God, too, started small, and, now, see His creations. It took so many years to manifest. Enjoy the gradual growth in your life. — Satish Daryanani

Droplet of water