We think we are like Saudi Arabia, having an infinite supply of oil that can be turned into unlimited energy. We waste our precious energies on futile things that tire and exhaust us. If you feel fresh all day, like you are in the morning, you have managed your energy well. In today’s world, we burn our energies, not with physical activities but with unnecessary mental activities. If we had to pay for energy, like gasoline, we would be more careful. We do not have modern charging stations for our energy. Not thinking is your charging station. If you want mental activity, go and play a mental tug-of-war with the One who has infinite energy. That can also recharge you. When you are very active mentally, you will find it is hard to sleep. Still the mind and feel the surge of peaceful energy. Try to become the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the world so you can spare your energy for the sake of others. — Satish Daryanani