In this world today a vaccine, or a drug, can become a game changer. We need to go through a dramatic experience, which becomes a game changer in our lives. My sister’s breast cancer woke me up to change my life. I was only pacing myself until I gave value to my limited time on this Earth plane. This bridge we call Earth is not meant to build on—it is a passage through which we can reach our final goal.  Even in our worldly duties, things happen that become game changers, some call it luck. Those who get a true spiritual Master in their lives can consider that, too, as a game changer. Now the Guide takes over. This year could be a game changer for spiritual aspirants, as they got the most valuable tool: time. One game changer we can pray for is when God decides to merge with you. Then all other game changers become obsolete. — Satish Daryanani

Be a game changer. The wolrd already has enough followers.