We are used to question and answer sessions, but God prefers to have fun. You may not get instant answers in words but know that all your queries will have only 3 answers. The first is “yes,” the second, “no” and the third, “not right now.” In the meantime, you cannot sit idle. You do what you think is right, as He does not want to be your permanent crutch. The answer will come after you put in your effort. If things don’t go your way, it is a no. If the answer comes smoothly and easily, you have the Higher approval. Sometimes your patience is tested, as you are not ready to receive the answer right away. You can enjoy your will but when you are fed up it is easier to accept God’s will. I have a different dilemma—I sit in peace and ask questions about future results. The answer is the same, “The peace you are experiencing now will not be disturbed in the future.” In a way, all three answers are the same—My peace will not turn into pieces. I stopped bothering God for answers, as I know I will always get the same result. Satish Daryanani