I was talking to a person about spirtuality, and he said that he gets a high. He does not take drugs but feels high, like he has taken one. Many of my spiritual Master’s disciples from the 1960s were hippies and took drugs to get high. A chemical high is temporary and follows with depression, as it does not take place naturally. Even a high from liquor, gambling, or from extreme sports will temporarilly satisfy our desire to get high. Spirituality, too, is a form of drug to let you experience the high. The difference is that it is permanent. There is no damage done to your body or mind. The main differences are that it takes a lot of time to get that high and it is attained gradually. Many give up and go back to drugs. Even when you listen carefully, some talks on spirituality give glimpses of this high, as you actually experience the words. This high is so addictive that, once you reach it, nothing else will interest you. Only reason you do activities in the world is to share this high with others. Then there comes a different high from helping transform the life of others. — Satish Daryanani

Yoga high on a cliff - Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay