Whenever we get involved in anything there is always a price to pay. Even doing charity and service comes at a price. Doing Karma yoga—yoga which requires action—is not easy. My spiritual Masters inspired me to follow Bhakti yoga, the path of devotion. I am a person of action so it is not easy to not be of use and to just enjoy the nectar of devotion for myself. These last two years have changed me completely. I have become selfish and have given up trying to save anyone but myself. Anything you do with the outside world comes with headaches. In devotion the head is lost and there is nothing to ache. It is just you with your true love. When you come out of this romantic relationship the world still can benefit by your presence. You are intoxicated with divine love and can share it with others. No monetary service occurs. Instead, you can share the priceless wealth. The path of devotion can be followed by lazy people like me without the rubbing and scrubbing from the world taking place. If only I had listened to my Masters I would not be in the hot soup I am in. Satish Daryanani