When we tell a joke, sometimes the other person may not laugh. Later, they might get it and start laughing. My spiritual Masters are all laughing at my expense. They have told me many simple teachings, and it has taken me years to really get them. All this suffering was for nothing because I could not laugh at God’s joke of keeping us in the dark. I only hope I do not miss out on what I am supposed to learn, then it will really be too late. I thought that being a “Mukta,” or a liberated soul, means you do not come back in the human form. Now I laugh, as I know that if there is one living being, I have gone nowhere. We are one, therefore, where could I go? Similarly, I was not getting right away the essence of many debates. God forgives our sins and so we, too, should forgive ourselves and move on with lessons learned. At times, you, too, may feel the same about these written thoughts, yet you might get it later when you need it.— Satish Daryanani

Thinking outside the box