With GPS in our phones and cars today, it is hard to get lost. Our lives are all about getting from one point to another. Try getting lost on purpose. You will find new places, new restaurants. Take lots of pictures. You will see new man-made structures and admire the creativity of architects. Even while on vacation, do not blindly follow what the maps tell you to see. Find new sights. Use the GPS when you are tired and want to return to your hotel. Even when you tour the world within, do not make it a routine. I want to know, “Who am I?” Sit in silence and with no expectations. Enjoy the world within. Every day, find something new. In both the worlds, there is not enough time to see everything. The inside world can be explored without dealing with the weather and traffic jams. To burn calories, go and enjoy the outside world, too. Become the next Rick Steves, get lost, and write about what you discover. – Satish Daryanani

labyrinth of light