I was yelled and cursed at because I cut the lane while driving. To enjoy myself I rolled down the window so I could listen to the person yelling at me. With folded hands, I asked for forgiveness. The person did not know what to say, kept quiet, and then rolled up their window. Their face was still burning and all I could do was smile. We torture our bodies and minds for the smallest things. So many people get upset at God. All He can do is, with folded hands, ask for forgiveness and smile. It is not the lane changing that causes the volcano to erupt. It’s a whole bunch of things that have been bottled up and now are seeking an outlet to explode. When joy, peace, grace, and wisdom are bottled up, they get an opportunity to explode when a true seeker comes to learn. The spiritual Masters are waiting for the dam of love to break and drown you in love. God, too, is bottled up, waiting for just one of His children to release all that is being held back. — Satish Daryanani