In the new television sitcom, Ghosts, the ghosts can be seen only by the wife of the couple. The ghosts can move about the property but cannot go beyond the property limits. Why can’t these ghosts move on? I asked my spiritual Master this question many years ago. We may leave our bodies but, our attachments and desires, if very strong, can still bind us. These ghosts may be attached to the house and enjoy living there. They don’t want to enjoy new experiences. We can bind ourselves even after we leave our bodies. The ghosts may be stuck here because of their attachments to their family members. The family members can pray and request them to move on. They can joke and tell them, “We are better off without you. Leave us alone.” When the home security is weak, robbers can enter easily, and when your mind can be controlled easily, sometimes, ghosts do show up. Satish Daryanani