The first gift given to us by God is human birth. If we have a healthy body, have an inclination for the truth, and are given a correct guide or Guru, we are fortunate. Then, there is the gift of ego—my favorite gift from God. When He created me, He was in a good mood and therefore gave me an abundant gift of ego. This gift helps me in life. Someone might tell me, “You are spreading the teachings, yet I do not see you practicing them.” My ego is so strong that these comments do not demoralize me. If I lose money, my ego gives me self-confidence so I can always recover my Monopoly money. In spirituality, my ego tells me that there is nothing that can stop me from experiencing what my Masters would like me to experience. My ego will not separate me from the Lord, as the gift of ego is given by Him. I am never trying to be humble. Instead, I do my best to show the world the Lord’s gift of ego bestowed upon me. I only keep this one thought in mind: I did nothing to deserve this wonderful gift. It was given to me free of charge by the Lord. All I am doing is making maximum use of it. Sitting in silence, I give gratitude to the Lord for this wonderful gift. Thank you, my friend, Ego, nobody can hurt this thick-skinned person, nor can any hurdle stop the journey of my life.—Satish Daryanani