Talking on spirituality in public is not hard for me. It would be a whole different ballgame if my spiritual Masters were part of the audience and were listening to my talk. It would get nerve racking, as now the source of my knowledge would be paying attention to what I was saying. I wish I knew what they were thinking and how much they would be laughing within. This good for nothing boy is trying to spread the teachings they have tried to drill into my head. I would forget to look at the audience while I spoke and would just focus on them. I know every time these thoughts are sent God is reading and must be laughing at these words written out of ignorance. Being aware that God is listening and watching everything I do, I would be the most miserable person. “God, please only be aware of the good stuff I do and ignore the craziness that takes place in my life. Let me spread Your teachings without thinking that You are judging me. I will never reach up to Your standards. All I can do is try.” Thanks to the spiritual Masters who do not comment after I speak so as to not discourage me. Satish Daryanani