Once you have power and are number one in your craft, there comes a day when you will have to give up the throne. With age, even great athletes lose their number one rankings. In business, some one younger, with newer ideas, can dethrone you. You could be the right hand of a spiritual Master, and you can be replaced. We get attached to our thrones, not realizing they, too, have to be thrown away. To be on top is to enjoy the view only for some time. If you keep God in the throne of your heart, only you can dethrone Him. Then, even if the world gives you all the highs, inside you know who is the real owner of the throne. You can even laugh and say, “These crazy people are putting a slave of the Lord on a throne.” Then when you are demoted, you can go back to your original state—a nobody who is just blessed that the Lord chose to sit in the throne of your heart. — Satish Daryanani

Silhoette of lifting the boss on a throne.