Only when we feel we are serving, helping others, and performing our duties well, do we feel there is value in our lives. Once in a while, when we get nice emails or text messages expressing gratitude for our services, we feel our lives are complete. They even encourage us to do more, and we think we are on the right path. If we are good providers and our children are successful, we think we did our duties well, so our lives were worth living. The real value of your life comes when you think that you are valueless. You feel you are on the correct track if you are going Godward: You feel that you know less today than yesterday. You are more egoistic today than yesterday. You have less faith in God today than yesterday. Your flaws are increasing daily. In your heart, you are moving away from God. Aspirants feel they are wasting their lives. There is no spiritual evolution taking place. When tears pour from a belief that your are displeasing the Lord, only then are you truly living. If some crazy person actually can benefit from your existence, then live with the pain of gratitude from seeing how a good-for-nothing was helpful because of the Lord’s grace. This is the true art of living. — Satish Daryanani