To become a U.S. Navy Seal, a person has to undergo intense training and pass numerous tests. If the training was easy, everyone could become a Seal. This career is for a chosen few. Similarly, in life, those who want to grow spiritually cannot do so by desiring an easy life. Someone, or something, has to push you. Sometimes my Masters pushed me so hard, I would wish I had never met them. Today, I appreciate everyone who came into my life to mold me. If I gave up on all the lessons they taught me, i would not have this feeling of gratitude. To get God, you have to go through a lot of tests. It is not easy to experience Him. Keep one simple thing in mind: When life is not easy, your ego is being crushed. Do you want to be a part of the group who want to be chiseled or to be part of the herd? The choice is either an easy, lazy life, or a hard and challenging one that can bring out the best in you. — Satish Daryanani

6 Navy Seals carrying raft