If you go with the flow, the thoughts that come will fall in the right order. If you use your will and try to change the thought, then you imprint upon it. When you move with the Divine flow, your life will unfold perfectly. We think we are smart and so we want to exercise our will on everything. We are only creating hurdles for ourselves. If it is an act of service, do your part even though the world may not appreciate it. You should not get affected by that. You went with the flow. For example: You organize a spiritual talk by a saint, and not many people show up. As long as you do your best, the number of people who come should not affect you. At least you were there for the Master and paid full attention to his words. If you go against the flow, you will struggle, get disappointed, stressed, and disturb your peace. It is your choice. − Satish Daryanani

Water flower over rocks in sunlit creek