If you are confident that you have received a message from God, or your spiritual Master, to do something, you have to act on it. That does not mean you should tell others about it. They will think you are crazy. The hard part is if the information involves another person. You cannot make another person obey the message just because God has spoken to you. When you develop a close relationship with the Lord, you will get answers easily. Others have their own opinions. Sometimes you may not have the power to convince them to change their minds, even though it may be for their good. You will wonder how, if God talks to you, your hands are tied. Remember, He is enjoying the show, watching you struggle to enforce His will. Showing that you know it all and telling others about your close relationship with God is a form of spiritual ego, the worst form of ego. These are all tests to make you grow. You tried and failed. Today, I will share the first conversation I had. It was early morning on August 20, 2002. My beloved Master left his physical body. I was told that only family members could come and see the body. I asked my Master whether I should go? The answer came, “If you think you are my family, then go. I went. Luckily, no one questioned my presence. How could I tell them that I came because of my inner voice? As time goes by, you can write a book on God talking and about your struggles in convincing others. Some you win and many you will lose. All I know is that He is enjoying Himself at my expense. — Satish Daryanani

Woman taken with prayer