Imagine you are in a small raft in the middle of the ocean. You see nothing but the vast waters surrounding you. At that time, how much value will you give to your will over the will of the ocean? Your ego, your possessions, your accomplishments, what value will they have now? You are only a speck surrounded by all this water. When you do meet God, you will see that the vastness of God is greater than all the oceans combined. Your size is still the same. Now, who and what are you comparing with His greatness? Yet we think our will even matters—that this speck of dust has more knowledge and wisdom than the One who created it. Our ego thinks we know more than the One who gives us every breath. So, what is my will and what is God’s will? It’s simple. Everything that is happening, with or without my effort, is God’s will. My will is the stupidity of thinking that I matter. — Satish Daryanani