My good friend will be undergoing a surgery next week. There is always a risk, and we do not know the outcome. All we can do is pray for and bless them. They might even feel better, as loose nuts and bolts are put back correctly. I always wanted my spiritual Masters to do surgery on my crazy mind. The spiritual surgeon only has to remove all the wrong notions. He does not need to fix perfection. He has to remove the ignorance of my imperfections. Like all surgeries, there is some pain—not physical pain, but the pain of firing your best friend, the ego. We are soft-hearted and feel the pain of a terminated ego. So we tell the surgeon to stop in the middle of the surgery. That is why spiritual Masters cannot finish their jobs. Most people want to have a spiritual surgery but, once it starts, most wish they had not asked for it. If you let it take place, you end up with a new mind, a new heart, and the true joy of a carefree life. Then, if you have to go through a physical surgery, it will be a breeze, as no surgery comes close to the challenge of a spiritual surgery. — Satish Daryanani