The opposite of good is bad. If there are good-natured people, then there are also bad-natured people. Let’s focus on the goodness of humanity. People with good natures are humble, loving, patient, service full, and forgiving. Then there are bad-natured people, like me: selfish, hot-tempered, ruthless, egoistic, and impatient. Most people fall in between. It is easy to deal with good-natured people, yet, to live in this world, you have to deal with the bad. You have to see the same Divinity in them, too—buried deep, but there. They are your barometers to see if you have any of their qualities. They are needed, as they push your buttons. You may even feel like killing them at times. They are here to bring out the best in you, to test your inner capacity. See if you can inspire them with your reactions. I have seen that the spiritual Masters keep them near so as to have challenges in their lives. I have seen many transformed. I thank God for bad-natured people, for life is useless with only good-natured ones. Imagine an entire school of A+, obedient, good students. No dentition rooms are needed. If you are a good-natured person, thank the bad-natured ones for making you look good. — Satish Daryanani

Boy hiding his face