We wish people a good morning, have a good weekend, good for you, have a good night, and so on. We use good before everything. Poor bad is hardly used. Yet, when things don’t go our way, it is bad. People may wish us good but the bad only happens in our minds. Even our enemies wish us good from outside. Is there good and bad? Spicy food is good for me but, it may be bad for others. So good and bad are really subjective, not objective. We decide what is good and what is bad, as if we are God. God is neutral and does not judge us based on good or bad. If you ride the high waves of good then you have to go through the lows when it’s bad. If you are free from good and bad then your peace is not disturbed. Then your business does not have good or bad days. You are working not to get bored. After all, everything that is due to you will come to you. The good and the bad takes place because of what you did in the past. So today’s thought is not good or bad. It is only for you to rise above these two words created by society. — Satish Daryanani