You can achieve perfection and immortality through a long struggle. The mortal being in a relative plan performs good and evil acts. Evil is negative good. Out of evil, good can occur. Everyone learns lessons in this world and evolves. God is only a witness in this drama of life. He does not make us do evil acts. We are given intellect and free will. We act out of our ego. We reap the fruits of our good and evil actions. By practicing virtuous actions, purity increases and we become divine. We are responsible for all our thoughts and actions. God is not responsible. So, spend time daily analyzing your day. You will first be able to distinguish between good and evil actions. Only then can you walk on the blade of a sharp razor. Those who want to attain divine knowledge know that it starts with your actions. It is up to you. Good and bad actions are two sides of the same coin. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of woman writer with angel and devil talking to her